Premium salads and takeaway

Our salads and takeaways are composed with the greatest care. With real products, without additives. Every day again, because you deserve it!

Contains 100% real food

Our Tom & Della's chefs use only the best, fresh produce for our homemade salads and takeaways.

Premium Craft Foods

Blissful greens and herbs, succulent meat and poultry, mouth-watering sea bites. Tom & Della's cooks meals that spoil your taste buds and give you a solid energy boost. Perfectly seasoned and packed with healthy goodness.

Tom & Della's meals are made by hand every day, in Belgium!


Freshly prepared in a real kitchen, by real chefs with really good equipment!


The best ingredients, nicely seasoned with a dash of this and a pinch of that!


Calories, salt, fats and other nasty things... we are very careful with that!

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Why Tom & Della’s?

Salads and ready meals are found everywhere and in all varieties. But our meals are freshly prepared every day by real chefs, in our own workshop, with really good products. And you can taste the difference.
Try them today and convince yourself, because our food is simply dellacious!