Discover three types of food that are like rocket fuel for your brain

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No wonder we have been hiding them in our salads too.





Mirror, mirror, who is the fattiest fish in the land? That would be salmon! Rich in healthy Omega 3 fats, which give your memory and mental productivity a boost. Salmon is even said to help against depression!

Greek Yoghurt

Did you know that Greek Yoghurt is a source of dopamine? Well, maybe not directly... It contains tyrosine, an amino acid that produces this neurotransmitter for your brain. Now you know immediately where that blissful smile comes from when devouring our Smoked salmon & dill greek pasta salad...


We'll spare you the silly 'have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses' joke... but carrots are chock-full of luteolin, a substance that can give your memory a more than serious upgrade. Why do you think our Honeyed Gingerbread & Goat's cheese salad is so appreciated by professional memory-players? Bon appetit!