Question about Tom & Della's? Below you will find most of the answers. 
If your question is not listed, just send it through our contact form, and we will come up with the right answer as soon as possible!


Who or what is Tom & Della's?

Tom & Della's are premium takeaway meals, developed and prepared by our top chefs from Gourmet Invent, a Compass Group Belgium company.
Gourmet Invent is a top event caterer that cooks for Club Brugge, Zulte Waregem, R. Antwerp FC, KAA Gent, Waregem Koerse, Sterren op het Water and many more top events and locations.

Why Tom & Della's?

When the COVID crisis hit, Compass Group decided to convert all the knowledge and skills available in house into a new story of premium takeaway meals for our customers. 
That went so well that we immediately decided to let everyone enjoy Tom & Della's.

Where does the name Tom & Della's come from?

Tom and Della really do exist, although 'Della' is of course a pet name. We will remain discreet about who from.
What is important is that Tom & Della's is about premium artisanal products. Handmade in Belgium by Tom, Pak, Lien, Franky, Kim and many others.



Where can I buy Tom & Della's?

The Tom & Della's assortment is of course for sale via this webshop. In addition, you can find our premium takeaway salads for instance at Brussels Airport, at some festivals and events and of course in most Compass Group restaurants; in companies, care institutions and schools. If you work for one of our customers, then you can also order Tom & Della's via DARKK!
You can also find us in a growing number of retail outlets: supermarkets, caterers, etc.

Don't have Tom & Della's at your workplace today? Shame ! Let us know and we will contact the right people.

Can I also order Tom & Della's for a party?

Of course you can!
Good food is part of a party. So is lack of time to get everything done. And Tom & Della's is a great solution. Premium foods, nice and fresh, ready to go and no work for you! Why make things difficult when they can be so easy?
With our hot dishes you can also put delicious, hot food on the table in no time. Perfectly cooked and - thanks to our clever packaging - perfectly presented on your plate. The only thing left for you to do is to collect the compliments!


Why do you only deliver twice a week?

Tom & Della's is about fresh food.  And fresh food has a limited shelf life. Therefore, the orders are bundled and produced twice a week in order to end up on your plate in the best possible conditions.

On which days do you deliver?

For the moment we deliver on Wednesday and Saturday. As soon as we can, this will be extended.

10€ for a delivery, that is quite a lot, isn't it?

It certainly is. But there's a reason: because our products are so fresh, we don't want to send them by regular transport. We only send our dishes using refrigerated transport. That way, they arrive at your home as fresh as a crisp.

Do I have to stay at home for the delivery?

You do have to stay at home for the delivery. Again, this is because it is a refrigerated product and neither we nor our courier want all those fresh delicacies left at the door.

How can I track my delivery?

Of course, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail from us, and as soon as our courier has all the details, you will also receive track&trace facilities.