Good food for your business

Passion for food and people is the company slogan of Compass Group Belgium, the mother company of Tom & Della's, for good reason.

So it's only natural that we integrate Tom & Della's into all our concepts and branches. And even if you are not (yet) a Compass Group customer, we can still help you get your daily dose of Tom & Della's.

Take a look at our solutions and feel free to contact us (without obligation) for all your questions, a tasting session, etc.

Are you already a Compass customer?

If your company is already a Compass Group customer, then you can immediately taste our delicious meals. Tom & Della's is available as standard in each of our company restaurants.

Can't find our meals right away? Ask your kitchen manager about it, or send us a message and we will check straight away!

24/7 Tom & Della's in your business

If you don't have a company restaurant or if you want to offer your people a dining solution outside of regular office hours, then MARKET 24/7 is the place to be.

MARKET 24/7 is a microshop concept from Compass Group that offers fresh and healthy quality products 24/7, with a full range of Tom & Della's!

Would you like to know more about our corporate solutions?

Tom & Della's at your company? No problem.
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