About Tom & Della's

Our origins

The origins of Tom & Della's go back 80 years, to 1941. That's when Jack Bateman founded the distant predecessor of Compass Group, our parent company. A business that passionately cared about feeding workers in Britain's war industry.
His aim: to literally create a nurturing environment that kept the productivity and morale of war workers high.

When we conceived Tom & Della's, in March 2020, we were in the midst of a global crisis of a different kind. But we had Jack's legacy firmly in mind: offering hard-working people quality breaks.

With the best food. The most natural ingredients. And no additives.
Good food. Real food, by and for real people. Because Tom and Della really exist, although 'Della' is of course a pet name. Whose name exactly, we will remain discreet about that.

Tom & Della's is about premium artisan products. Handmade in Belgium by Tom, Tak, Lien, Franky, Kim and many others.

Tom & Della's is not only delicious and healthy. It is lovingly handmade and pure. Because you deserve it!

Tom & Della's
Simply Dellacious

Our approach

Actually, the title above should be 'our values', but that immediately sounds so stiff.
We are simply a people business that makes top-quality food in a human way. And we do that according to 5 basic principles:

  1. We make the best products with the best ingredients
  2. We do not have suppliers; we work with partners whom we treat properly and with respect
  3. we are good to our planet, our customers, our guests and our own people
  4. we are humble; there is always room for improvement
  5. we innovate because we try new things. We test, fail, adjust and learn.