Delights for your food company

Are you in the catering or food business yourself and would you like to offer Tom & Della's to your customers? That is possible too. 

Tom & Della's has hot and cold dishes in its range that you can easily serve to eat-in customers or sell for takeaway.
And they are all made in exactly the same way - by hand, of course - in our own production unit in Eke, near Ghent!


Looking for an easy solution to serve delicious salads and dishes?
Tom & Della's works exclusively with Torus Pak® to conjure up dishes on your plate just as the chef intended. 
How does it work? Click on the photo on the right to see the Torus Pak in action.

We do the preparation. All you have to do is place the Torus Pak on a plate, pull the foil out and... voila: a perfectly presented plate of goodies!

Takeaway and retail

If you want to offer our meals for sale yourself, in your food shop or retail shop for example, then that is also possible of course.

We deliver salads in our custom packaging, gassed and sealed according to the rules of art.
We deliver hot meals in our Torus Pak®, provided with an attractive and sturdy sleeve.


Do you prefer your own meals or your own brand on the shelves? We can talk about that.
We control our entire production chain, which also means that we can work very flexibly.

So, if you'd rather do your on thing? Let us know!

How can we help you?

Tom & Della's for your food company? As convenience or white label? Or both?
Let us know and we'll be happy to invite you for a chat and a tasting in our stylish dining room!

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