This is how you recognise a tasty, healthy meal!


We all want to eat well, don't we?
But preferably as healthy as possible too.

 Here are three simple tips to identify healthy meals that also taste good:

  • Look for fresh, high-quality products. Because you can taste quality. Nothing tastes as good as a fresh piece of fruit or vegetable full of vitamins. Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables as much as possible. A deliciously juicy piece of meat of the highest quality can taste good, too. How can you distinguish whether that piece of meat is really fresh? Look closely at the colour and texture. Fresh meat is deep red in colour and has a firm structure.
  • Opt for colour on your plate. Look at a meal as a painter would. Your fork is the brush, the vegetables the paint. A little green here, a little red there, a pinch of yellow along the side... The more variety of colours on your plate, the better! Tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, cauliflower... all shades of the rainbow are welcome! An explosion of different colours on your plate is healthy, because vegetables and fruit are naturally gluten-free and have a high nutritional value. And admit it, it looks much prettier too, doesn't it?
  • Savour with your nose. Smell your plate. Smells good? Is the meal deliciously seasoned with a variety of fresh, surprising spices? Fantastic! Because you don't just taste with your tongue, but also with your nose! And a fine mix of spices is excellent for digestion. Salt flavours a meal, but too much of it is unhealthy. There are plenty of other tasty herbs that can also add a lot of flavour to your food. Just think of fresh basil, a touch of garlic or even a spicy touch of turmeric!

These tips all fit perfectly with Tom & Della's philosophy. For our salads, for example, we only use fresh products, with a large variety of vegetables and delicious herbs.