3 lesser known reasons why seafood is so healthy

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Eating fish boosts your health

Both a tender piece of salmon and a spicy tuna steak are rich in protein (good for maintaining and building muscle mass) and are also a source of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Fish oil from these fish will give you the greatest super powers. Nutritionists recommend it for people with cardiovascular diseases and it also improves the cholesterol levels in your blood.

Here are three more lesser-known health effects of fish oil:

  • Do you want to be mentally strong? Eat more fatty fish and limit the risk of depression. Fish oil can reduce anxiety attacks and depressive moods. So it's not just the taste of sushi that makes you feel good...
  • Easier to remember where your keys are now? Fish oil also improves brain health and provides a cognitive boost.
  • Improved vision in the dark? Instead of chewing on a carrot, a piece of salmon can also work wonders. Fish oil ensures healthy eyes and combats the deterioration of the eyes due to age.

So a little extra fish behind your teeth is what they call a good health hack. Do we have to eat salmon or tuna every day then? We need to nuance that. Fish swims in the sea, and unfortunately the sea is somewhat polluted nowadays. Most fish species contain a little too much mercury. As long as you don't overdo it and eat fish more than twice a week, it is not too bad, and you can shamelessly enjoy the many health benefits (and taste) of what the ocean has to offer.

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